GTA RP NoPixel Streamers

NoPixel is the home to many of the biggest and most famous Twitch and YouTube GTA RP NoPixel Streamers. The server is well-developed, ran professionally and because of the many famous players, NoPixel is by far the biggest and most popular GTA RP server out there.

While the GTA RP NoPixel server might be very difficult to get into, there is a public server called GTA RP NoPixel Public. The public server still has long queues, but there is no whitelist so it is open for anyone to join.

View nopixel public server

how to join nopixel gta rp server

The application process to join the NoPixel GTA RP server is notoriously difficult. The reason the server works so well is because the application process for the server is so strict. Players must have a backstory that is well thought out, and having a following on both Twitch and YouTube will seriously help your application.

GTA Standard Whitelisting is currently: Closed!

GTA Donator Whitelisting is currently: Open! (Roughly 14-30 Days)

Click here to view the Civilian Application template with more information on how to apply to play on NoPixel GTA RP server.

You can also join the NoPixel community Discord, where you will find frequent updates on the server status. Keeping a closes eye on the Discord can be the best way to find out when applications are open for NoPixel.

what are the rules on nopixel server

The rules on NoPixel are pretty strict and are constantly changing, so it’s important you keep up-to-date with what is and isn’t allowed on the server. Breaking the rules will often result in players being banned. Many players have been banned from NoPixel, including many popular streamers like xQC.

The general rules for the server are as follows:

  • Age Requirement for joining: 18+
  • A working, quality mic is required.
  • Your character needs to have a somewhat realistic name, and must not break TOS.
  • Players must follow Terms of Service (TOS) at all times. Click HERE to view them.
  • Being toxic, or breeding toxicity in any platform (this includes twitch, reddit, discord, etc) can have you removed from the community at any point in time.
  • AFKing for extended amounts of time within the server is prohibited. ((see Rule Updated on (03.19.2022) Away from Keyboard — ‘AFK Timer’ for further information))

Hopwever there is a much larger set of rules which you can view on the NoPixel forums here.