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GTA Genius connects to the Twitch API and uses an advanced search algorithm to automatically scan and display all GTA RP NoPixel Streamers on Twitch.

Check out our NoPixel server page to see whose online now.

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Our search algorith also allows us to display all GTA RP Streamers on Twitch who may be playing a specific job or role – like cops, taxi drivers, doctors and more. If you’re just looking to learn the ropes or if you simply enjoy watching people RP in a specific role, you can check out our GTA RP Jobs page.

what is gta rp?

GTA RP stands for Grand Theft Auto Roleplay, and it’s a massively popular mod for GTA V on the PC. Imagine playing Grand Theft Auto V with hundreds of other players in one city, where every player has their own job. The city has it’s own police force, doctors, judges, crime organisations and everything else – and every one of those roles is fulfilled by a real life player.

You are dropped into a city, often with very little guidance, left to craft your own story. Wander the streets and find new friends, get a job driving a taxi, save enough money to buy a car of your own, get caught up in a bank heist and before you know it you’re serving time in the city jail. All this and more is what you can expect from a vibrant GTA RP city.

The city or ‘server’ is often run by a small group of admins, who are the ones who set the rules, monitor the server, hand out punsihments, bans and handle all the admin work that comes with running a massively multiplayer experience like GTA RP. Running a GTA RP server takes a lot of effort, time and even money (to pay for server costs, advertising etc). Because of this, many GTA RP Servers will actively seek out donations, charge for priority access and use other methods to generate funds to pay for the server.

how to download gta rp?

Thankfully playing GTA V RP on PC is fairly easy. First you want to make sure you own GTA V on Steam. With GTA V installed, the easiest way to get up and running on GTA RP is to download and install FiveM.

FiveM is the mod that allows you to play and join online multiplayer in the GTA RP servers. It’s easy to install, and with GTA V already installed the patching process is fairly straightforward.

how to play gta rp?

You might think that playing GTA RP might be quite similar to simply playing GTA V single player but they are actually very different experiences. As the servers are heavily modded, there are many different controls, hotkeys and systems you will slowly learn over time.

All servers have rules. Simple things like sticking to the speed limits on the roads and obeying traffic signals should be obvious – break these rules and you’re likely to get pulled over by the cops. But there are often stricter rules related to the RP elements of the server. For example, most servers won’t allow you to murder other players without good reason.

Break the rules and you could be banned from the server, so be sure to educate yourself on the rules first before jumping in!

how to join gta rp servers

As the popularity of GTA RP has exploded, there are literally hundreds of GTA RP servers now to choose from. Choosing which one to join can be a difficult decision. There are a few factors to consider:

  • How strict do you want the RP rules to be?
  • How busy and reliable do you want the server to be?
  • What role do you want to play?
  • Do you plan on creating content on YouTube or Twitch?

All of the above can factor into your decision on choosing a GTA RP Server. GTA Genius has started putting together an up-to-date 2022 GTA RP server list for you to browse and compare some of the most popular servers.